Welcome Alumni!


YES! - THERE WILL BE A PARADE ON JUNE 9, 2018! We will be set up by the bandstand to collect dues and sell t-shirts, as well as holding our annual business meeting after the parade. We are not planning on taking over the entire park and bringing in vendors. We just don't have the manpower. Any vendor wishing to join in on the Alumni Day festivities will need to get a vendor's permint from the City Manager's office in City Hall.

NO - Due to low attendance by classes, we are saddened to say there will be no banquet or dance this year.



Dear Alumni,

Hello, I am honored to have represented you all for the past few years, and am excited to continue into this year. As many of you know your board has very few members and this year has been a very unhealthy year for some of us. We would like to encourage new members to join now, as we need fresh new ideas. If you can't join full time, please consider helping us on Alumni Day. It would be greatly appreciated.

We will be in the park, next to the bandstand, this year with limited activities. We will be having our dues tent, our annual meeting, and the trophy presentations after the parade tear down. We encourage you to join us. We hope that Boisvert's Curbside food truck will be in their usual spot for your food and drink needs.

Many classes do plan parties and get togethers, but we would appreciate your attendance in the park for the meeting and the presentation of the trophies. Alumni Day is not just about your own classmates, it’s about catching up with other Alum that makes it so enjoyable. Please plan to let us know what you have been up to and don't forget to share the fun you had at Alumni Day.

Everyone, have a great time and some "Ole LHS Fun"!


Dianne Moodie Grant '69

LHS Alumni President


1973 - Old Man of the Mountain

1978 - Niagara Falls

1983 - the Hollywood Sign

1998 - Pyramid of Giza

2003 - Great Wall of China

2018 - Golden Gate Bridge


1st Place: 1972 - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

2nd Place: 1967 - The White River Drive-In Theater

3rd Place: 1997 - Charlotte's Web