Welcome Alumni!


YES! - THERE WILL BE A PARADE ON JUNE 9, 2018! We will be set up by the bandstand to collect dues and sell t-shirts, as well as holding our annual business meeting after the parade. We are not planning on taking over the entire park and bringing in vendors. We just don't have the manpower. Any vendor wishing to join in on the Alumni Day festivities will need to get a vendor's permint from the City Manager's office in City Hall.

NO - Due to low attendance by classes, we are saddened to say there will be no banquet or dance this year.



Dear Alumni,

As a board, we work hard in making the very best decisions where the association is concerned. Alumni Day, as we have always known it, may be coming to an end. Our board is getting smaller and older. Since we have been unable to recruit new members, we will have nothing in the park for 2018. We will find a location for our dues and sales tents, along with a location for our annual business meeting.

It has been made clear to us that the classes would rather hold their own dinners and parties and not attend a full group event. Therefore, we are sad to announce there will be no banquet or dance for 2018 Alumni Day.

We have tried very hard to keep these traditions alive and are very sorry to see them come to an end. In 2012 we drew in almost 200 alumni to the dinner. In 2013 that number dropped to 110. In 2014 we had only 76 in attendance. The Class of 1986 stepped in and sponsored a wonderful event in 2016 drawing over 150 people. We had hopes of a bigger crowd this year, but we barely broke 100 with just two classes making up 69 of the 100 people.

Even though a number of classes withdrew their floats from the parade, we will continue to have an Alumni Day Parade as long as you show interest.

If you want to keep Alumni Day alive, please join us for any meeting.


Dianne Moodie Grant '69

LHS Alumni President


1973 - Old Man of the Mountain

1978 - Niagara Falls

1987 - Statue of Liberty

1998 - Pyramid of Giza

2003 - Great Wall of China

2018 - Golden Gate Bridge


1st Place: 1972 - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

2nd Place: 1967 - The White River Drive-In Theater

3rd Place: 1997 - Charlotte's Web