Welcome Alumni!


The Alumni dinner and dance are back! We'll be at the new Hilton Garden in Lebanon (behind the Elks off LaBombard Rd) on June 8th for a wonderful dinner and then we'll be dancing the night away to the music of The Conniption Fits! Mark your calendars today and watch for details to come.


Dear Alumni,

Hello, I am honored to have represented you all for the past few years, and am excited to continue into this year. As many of you know your board has very few members and this year has been a very unhealthy year for some of us. We would like to encourage new members to join now, as we need fresh new ideas. If you can't join full time, please consider helping us on Alumni Day. It would be greatly appreciated.

We will be in the park, next to the bandstand, this year with limited activities. We will be having our dues tent, our annual meeting, and the trophy presentations after the parade tear down. We encourage you to join us. We hope that Boisvert's Curbside food truck will be in their usual spot for your food and drink needs.

Many classes do plan parties and get togethers, but we would appreciate your attendance in the park for the meeting and the presentation of the trophies. Alumni Day is not just about your own classmates, it’s about catching up with other Alum that makes it so enjoyable. Please plan to let us know what you have been up to and don't forget to share the fun you had at Alumni Day.

Everyone, have a great time and some "Ole LHS Fun"!


Dianne Moodie Grant '69

LHS Alumni President

JUNE 2018

How many of us can say "I miss my high school days"? I can. I’m not saying I miss the work, the drama of being a teen, the cliques of certain groups. But I do miss my classmates, and not only those that I graduated with in 1972. I have many fond memories of all three years at LHS. (Back then we didn’t get to go to the high school until 10th grade.)

It wasn't long after graduating that our class came back to participate in the Alumni Day events. We must have had a blast because we haven't missed a reunion year yet! Those were the days when, after the parade, we enjoyed a great dinner with fellow alumni at a local venue, then danced the night away to our choice of music. Believe it or not, there were two dances held for many years bringing in 300 or more alumni!

Fast forward to today when we are fast approaching Alumni Day. Gone are the dances of 300+ that went long into the night. Our dance in 2017 had barely 100 alumni and was over at 9 pm. Gone is the banquet due to very low attendance. Gone, also, is the opportunity to catch up with former classmates from more than just our class. Gone is the opportunity to make new memories to carry us forward. I think that is what I miss the most.

Lebanon is not the only community feeling the changes over time. We hear it from neighboring high schools as well. We know that one factor is that the students going through the school system now do not have the same family roots here in the Upper Valley. Turnover in the classes is constant. Families leave the Upper Valley in search of finding a better place to live on what they earn. New England can be a rather expensive place to live. Another big factor is social media. So many of us are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to name a few. There are many class pages on Facebook, which is great! Our class also has one that we all visit often. But I miss the face to face visits. Being able to see the expressions on faces as we all share stories of our lives. I miss the banter and chatter of so many friends from more that just my class. Alumni Day used to be the perfect time to play catch-up.

Alumni Day is this coming Saturday, and even though there will be no dinner or dance, there will be a fabulous parade! We'll have at least 6 classes entering floats to be judged for prizes and bragging rights. We’ll have many other classes (starting with 1943!) and dignitaries riding in cars or walking. We’ll have the wonderful LHS Band marching and playing a lively tune. We hope to have lots of alumni gathering in the park to sign their class guest book and pay their yearly alumni dues. It should be a great day!

I know the days of huge alumni events are gone, but I don’t want to see them disappear completely. That would be too great a loss. So please, if you're interested in keeping Alumni Day alive. Contact the board. We want to hear from you. It doesn’t matter if you don't live in Lebanon any longer. Send us your ideas on how to keep us going. Hopefully, should you decide to come home to celebrate your 25th, 40th, 50th or whatever year reunion, we will have an event for you to come home to.

Susan McBain '72