Agendas & Minutes


It is the mission of the Lebanon High School Alumni board to secure the continued tradition of the Alumni Day activities by providing means for all Lebanon High School alumni to congregate on an annual basis and promote school spirit, good will and camaraderie within each class. We are committed to participating in the further education of the graduating class through the established scholarship fund.

Next meeting will by Tuesday, June 5th at 5:30

***MINUTES FOR MAY 10, 2018***

Board Members Present: Diane Grant, Sue D, Sue M, Linda Bagley, Becky Kidder, Debbie Borry, David Muzzy, Mondae Dupuis, Joan Scelza & Denise Shibles

Minutes: April minutes accepted as corrected.

Treasurer's report accepted as presented.

Newsletter: The newsletter just went out today. Sue M suggested we check out Valley Imaging next year. Since we were later than usual, we ran into difficulty with other jobs at the printer this time of year. Our goal is to get back to the newsletter going out by April 1st. Articles can be posted on our Board FB page for all to proof prior to Dec. 1st. This might help speed things up.

Themes for consideration for 2019: 60's, prom theme, State of NH, Grad year: popular music, top news story, Fashion over the decades, Recreate your float from a previous year "new & improved", Famous music videos, Circus Acts, Thru the Eyes of a Child, Sports teams, One Broadway show picking different scenes.

Elks banquet for 2019: no menu options yet but the date is reserved. Announce banquet at this year's annual meeting.

Store windows- run them from Monday to Monday. Use small oval Agamek sign in Dutille's neighbors window with trophies. Linda will touch up some spots on the sign. Eyeglass Outlet window will have yearbooks, sports items and ?. Denise & Debbie will work on these.

Class of '78 has registered Niagara Falls.

Board agreed to not do the Friday night tour. We've had several classes not around when we arrive and no one seems to care that we're even there.

Parade: We have several dignitaries in the parade. And plenty of convertibles.

Jonathan Putnam will be pulling the Agamek

Golf- prizes are all set. We will do Subway again for food, buying big bags of chips and waters.

Yearbooks- Sue D. reported that the Lebanon Library is scanning their yearbooks and offered to add to their collection anything we have that they don't, then share the scans with us. We will offer a link to them on our website. Thank you Lebanon Library!!

Sue D. also told us that CATV may be filming the parade, via her "connections".

Scholarships- Due to illnesses, we will be deciding the recipients of the scholarships this year. We went through them and made our decisions. Dianne will share that with Guidance. Becky will be presenting them again this year on Awards Night.

The Valley News contacted Dianne and would like to add information about Alumni Day to an events page. Sue M will send our day's agenda.

Raffle tickets are selling well! Keep it up!!

Next meeting is Tuesday, June 5th

Meeting adjourned

Denise D. Shibles, Secretary

We need your help! If you don't have the time to commit to monthly meetings, please consider helping us out on Alumni Day. We need lots of help with getting tents, tables, chairs, etc from our storage unit to the park on Saturday morning. We then have to turn around in the afternoon to pack everything back up and get it all back to the storage unit. We also need people to help sell our hats, t-shirts, etc, help collect dues and man the guest books along with getting the floats in line for the parade. If you can lend a hand for any part of the day, please contact a board member today. Thank You!