Agendas & Minutes


It is the mission of the Lebanon High School Alumni board to secure the continued tradition of the Alumni Day activities by providing means for all Lebanon High School alumni to congregate on an annual basis and promote school spirit, good will and camaraderie within each class. We are committed to participating in the further education of the graduating class through the established scholarship fund.


September 13th - 5:30 pm

(1) Wrap up alumni day

-Park participation

-Do we need new signs

-Issues with kids during parade (police)

-Issues before parade


(2 ) Volunteering for Snackshack

(3) Web page

(4) Committee chairs

(5) Fundraising Raffle

(6) Park? Yes or no

(7) Dinner at Elks

(8) Goals for this year

-What do we want to see happen for alumni, ideas for park evening of alumni day

(9) Winter meetings

(10) Pins

(11) Newsletters


-Mailing list

(12) Parade Marshal by Nov

(13) FB giveaways

(14) Golf change to 18 holes instead of 9


We need your help! If you don't have the time to commit to monthly meetings, please consider helping us out on Alumni Day. We need lots of help with getting tents, tables, chairs, etc from our storage unit to the park on Saturday morning. We then have to turn around in the afternoon to pack everything back up and get it all back to the storage unit. We also need people to help sell our hats, t-shirts, etc, help collect dues and man the guest books along with getting the floats in line for the parade. If you can lend a hand for any part of the day, please contact a board member today. Thank You!