Agendas & Minutes


It is the mission of the Lebanon High School Alumni board to secure the continued tradition of the Alumni Day activities by providing means for all Lebanon High School alumni to congregate on an annual basis and promote school spirit, good will and camaraderie within each class. We are committed to participating in the further education of the graduating class through the established scholarship fund.


Next meeting November 8th @ 5:30 pm


September 13, 2018 Meeting:

Board Members Present: Dianne Grant, Sue McBain, Linda Bagley, Susan Desrosiers, David Muzzy, Becky Kidder, Debby Borry, Josephine Comeau, Mondae Dupuis, Lisa Dupont, Joanie Scelza, Janet Ducharme, Tracee Barden & Denise Shibles

Wrap Meeting Comments and ideas:

No attendance in the park, "enter here" signs missing this year (at the shed),

Possibly use police digital sign, kids interring with parade (possibly meet with police and/or make rule regarding kids on bikes in parade

Girl Scouts didn't throw candy out far enough

Board needs to be more professional

Cars in parade area..again (make signs of "unloading area" and include in class letter)

Debby not happy with this years' judges

Srs need to stay on float (add to Advisor letter)

Fundraising (table to next meeting)

Snack Shack- Oct 13th Homecoming: Arrive at 5:15 Confirmed: Denise, Becky, Mondae, David, Linda, Debby, Sue D, Sue M, Janet

Bring coffee makers for hot chocolate ( Linda check with school)

Web page & Facebook- Do we want to allow Go Fund Me postings (tabled)? :Possibly for teachers only?

Raffles- Twice a year (Dec & June) $100 worth of Lottery tickets

Committee Chairs- Park- Denise Fundraising- David Parade- Linda & David Newsletter- Sue D Banquet- Becky Photographer- Becky

Banquet- No menu yet from Elks Should we have a dance too?

Invite Class of '86 to next meeting to discuss their success Band? Conniption Fits $1500

Winter Meetings- Keep all meetings

Newsletter articles by January

Parade Marshal decided by November meeting

Alumni pins- order more

Volunteer opportunity: Spay & Neuter Clinic, Sullivan county 9/28/18

Floats-:'74 OZ; '84 Operation; '69 Grease; '94 NY State

Class Donations: Class of '73 donated $300 to Scholarship & $300 to Association

Newsletters returned: Maybe send PDF to class contacts to send out to classmates.

Class contacts- addresses at next meeting

-Next meeting: October 11, 2018

Meeting adjourned

Denise D. Shibles, Secretary

We need your help! If you don't have the time to commit to monthly meetings, please consider helping us out on Alumni Day. We need lots of help with getting tents, tables, chairs, etc from our storage unit to the park on Saturday morning. We then have to turn around in the afternoon to pack everything back up and get it all back to the storage unit. We also need people to help sell our hats, t-shirts, etc, help collect dues and man the guest books along with getting the floats in line for the parade. If you can lend a hand for any part of the day, please contact a board member today. Thank You!