Alumni Day: June 9, 2018



To register your float, please contact Linda Jeffers Bagley '69: Email Linda

NEW FOR 2018 Prize money for the top three floats has been increased! Third Place will now receive $100, Second Place will now receive $125 and First Place will now receive $150!


The parade celebrated the year of 1952, the year the Lebanon Alumni Association was founded, celebrating our 65th birthday. Our Grand Marshals were two wonderful women who dedicated their careers to teaching. Sue Seamans at Lebanon High School has 43 years in the math department and Judy Herrick Jorgensen '73 has 38 years teaching our little ones at Hanover Street Elementary School, School Street School, and Mt. Lebanon School. Both have retired and are enjoying their hobbies. Thank you, ladies!

The parade was led by the American Legion Honor Guard, followed by Jonathan Putnam towing the Agamek Sign. We had four future Alumni carrying the banners: Maggie Grant and Grace Howard along with two young fellows: Tanner Brown and Nathan LaHaye. Our sponsor banner was carried by LDS missionaries, Elders Larsen and Greene. The Marine Color Guard, the magnificent Lebanon High School Band and cheerleaders marched. We had representation from classes 1947 to 2017. The class of 1972 was the winner of the float competition with I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, with second place, only one point less, the class of 1967 with the White River Drive -In ( do you all remember going there?) and third place was the class of 1997 with Charlotte's Web. Honorable mentions were 1957’s Old Man of the Sea ,1962’s Air Raid and our newest alumni class of 2017 with Singing in the Rain. We also had the Girl Scouts and many other classes riding in cars. The grand finale featured the impressive equipment and trucks from the Lebanon Fire Department.

The Board has chosen the new theme for 2018….Landmarks of the World.

Thank you for all of your help and support as I step down this year as parade chair, but as a board member, I am available to assist.

Respectfully, David Muzzy '69

Click for the judge's Talley Sheets here.

Meet our 2018 Parade Marshals: "Class of 1944"

Since the creation of the Lebanon High School Alumni Association in 1952, the members of the class of '44 have been loyal supporters of and contributors to the Association. The Board felt it was time to show our appreciation by honoring the class as this year's Parade Marshals. A few local class members have been steady attendees at our annual banquets, activities, and parades. Looking through their yearbook, The Parrot, the familiar clubs, sports, and activities are still alive today. One unique club named Bonds and Stamps, held two big loan drives raising $37,444 to purchase a landing barge and boats for our troops. Join us at the parade as we honor this group of amazing people as long-standing alumni. As Evelyn Audette Morse said, “You do the math!”

Please Be Respectful. Alumni Day is a day of fun and the rekindling of old friendships. The parade and the accompanying activities are put together for the purpose of bringing us all together as one. The spirit of the float competition provides a little spice and excitement to the day. Everyone in each class puts 100% in making their floats the best they can be. We have been amazed over the years with the overwhelming participation of many of the classes in the construction of the floats. While every class cannot bring home a trophy, you can rest assured that the Lebanon High School Alumni Board recognizes your creative efforts and the amount of time you spend on your floats to help make the annual Alumni Day Parade one of which to be proud. Please keep the banter friendly and respectful when speaking of the floats. It is more important that the values instilled by good sportsmanship serve our alumni community for many years to come. Let the fun begin!

Did you know that it takes money to put on our parade? By the time we pay for insurance, security, prizes, dumpsters, banners, sponsorship of the senior class float and other miscellaneous expenses, we have spent close to $2,000! Would you like to help? You can help ensure that the parade will live on for many years to come by making a small donation to the Alumni Association when sending in your dues.

We wish to acknowledge and thank the following individuals and local businesses who helped sponsor our parade:

Bridgman's Furniture, Holmes Computers, Mascoma Savings Bank, Ricker Funeral Homes & Crematory/RAFH LLC, Ledyard Bank, Lebanon Garden of Eden, Steve's Pet Shoppe, Richard & Susan Logan and the Byrne Foundation.


Any infraction of any rule, while in the parking lot or on the parade route, will result in a 5 point score reduction for each infraction.

The parade registrar is Linda Jeffers Bagley '69. Register floats by calling her at 603-359-4877 or emailing her at Floats must be registered WITH THE PARADE REGISTRAR by June 1st in order to be eligible for judging. First come, first registered. Floats not registered by June 1st are still welcome.

NOTE: Each class is to elect one person to be the float contact for judging. That person will be the one responsible for getting any specific information regarding their float to the judges during the judging process.

1. Floats are to enter at the Village Pizza from 9:30 to 10:00 AM. There will be someone there to direct you to your staging area

Parade participants MUST park personal vehicles in an adjoining lot - DO NOT ASK THE SECURITY GUARD TO LET YOU ENTER - YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY

2. Float participants need to be on the float no later than 10:45 AM for judging.

3. Children are allowed to participate. There must be 1 adult to supervise each group of 4 children, whether they are on the float or walking beside. The adult must stay with their group of 4 at all times.

4. Classes are required to have their theme and year of graduation visible from the front of the float/truck.

5. No part of the float shall measure higher than 12 feet from the pavement

6. STATE LAW: “No person may use any type of vehicle with protruding or outrigger wheels in a parade unless the vehicle is suitably modified to protect both riders and pedestrians from the wheel assembly.”

7. There will be NO DRINKING OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on or around the floats at any time before or during the parade - This is grounds for disqualification

8. NOTHING IS TO BE THROWN FROM THE FLOAT. Participants walking alongside their float may hand candy\treats to the crowd and AWAY from the float.

All floats will be judged in the following areas, you can earn up to a total of 30 points overall:

A) Appearance

1. Quality (worth up to 10 points)

a) Handmade: costumes, signs, decorations, furniture: earn up to 5 points
b) Finished Look: painted, no rough edges, overall coverage of trailer: earn up to 5 points

2. Action (worth up to 10 points)

a) Technology: water, mechanics, lights, sound: earn up to 5 points
b) Class Action: Appropriate to theme, continuous throughout parade, having fun: earn up to 5 points

B) How well theme is carried out (worth up to 10 points)

1. To parade theme: earn up to 5 points
2. To your float theme: earn up to 5 points

A popular misconception is that classes are awarded points for participation. Even though we love to hear how many classmates took part in the building of your float, there are no points awarded for class participation. Also know that our parade judges are not graduates of Lebanon High. They are given a copy of the parade rules along with a summary of each float theme in order to award the points accordingly. We have been very lucky to have had three very competent judges that take pride in their duties. Thank you judges!

We have supplied a dumpster for your convenience in breaking down your float. Please break down cardboard and other bulky itmes in order to give everyone room.

NOTE: Please remember to thank your truck drivers .  Even though you may have paid for the use of your trailer, that is usually for the trailer only.  The drivers come out year after year for us and usually on their own time.  Please think about compensating your driver.  We suggest a gratuity of $100.