Welcome Alumni!



Dear Alumni,

Our Board has voted to cancel the parade and dinner/dance that was set for June 12th. We have also cancelled our golf tournament. It was a very hard decision to come to and there was plenty of discussion. We even considered moving the event to October to coincide with Homecoming. The Fireside would not be able to accommodate us until the end of the month, which we thought might be a little too late in the year for New England.

As I said, this was a very hard decision for us to make. But we feel it is in the best interest of everyone in order to stay safe. We will be continuing to discuss details for our June 2022 celebration and will let you know when decisions are made. We want to be sure that once we are able to celebrate, we are able to include all of the classes that have missed out on their reunion year.

On a side note, we are working on our spring newsletter and will probably post it sometime in April or May. Please consider paying your dues even though we are not able to celebrate this year. Even though we are not having the parade or dinner, we still have bills to pay such as insurance and storage costs, which are not cheap bills.

Donations are also appreciated since we will still be awarding our scholarships in May. Thank you for your understanding and of course for your continued support.

2021 Newsletter