SCHOLARSHIP NEWS In June 2021, our 4-year renewable scholarship was increased from $1,000/year to $2,000/year. Also, our Books Awards, of which there are 4 one-time payments, increased from $500 to $750. We would not be able to do this without your continuous support and generous donations!

Our operating year begins on September 1st and ends on August 31st. Any dues or donations received after August 31st will be recorded for the following year. Example: If you send your money in\after September 2021, it will be recorded as payment for 2022 and will be acknowledged in our 2023 spring newsletter.


Ever wonder if you're up to date in paying your dues? Here is a list of all alumni that are current with their payments, along with the year they are paid through. Dues can be paid at any time. Thank you to all alumni who support us year after year by paying their dues!



Alumni dues are only $10.00 per person, per year. Paying your dues will ensure your receiving our spring newsletter. Part of this money also allows us to put on a fabulous parade and bring entertainment into the park each Alumni Day for your enjoyment.

Over the years we have been lucky enough to have the funds to purchase the maroon polo shirts for the LHS band; to donate towards a new sound system for the gym at LHS; to have a tree planted at the new Middle School's landscape in the name of the LHS Alumni Association and donate towards the dedication ceremony of the gym at the Middle School in the name of Linda Preston '70. Also, each year we provide the senior class with a truck and funds for their float. We appreciate your donations which enable us to give back to the community. Please consider a donation to the Alumni Association when your pay your dues.

Dues can be mailed in and paid with a check:

LHS Alumni Association
PO Box 911
Lebanon NH 03766-0911

Download the Dues/Scholarship Donation Form (PDF)

Or pay online below:

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One Year Dues: $11.00

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Help us keep Alumni Day alive with your donation today: These donations help us meet our annual expenses of insurance costs, storage fees, mailing newsletters/postcards, offering cash prizes for the top three floats plus sponsoring the senior parade float. These expenses alone come to over $8,000 each year.

Alumni Fund Donation

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The LHS Alumni Association Scholarship was re-established in 1991 in part from the generous contributions of the classes of 1939 and 1940. This scholarship has been awarded to one graduating senior, with family ties to LHS. Beginnng in 2021, this award worth $2,000 for up to 4 years of continued education. With your generous donations we were able to implement a new book award program. We are able to give each of 4 graduating seniors a $750 check to help them purchase books for their upcoming semester. Thank you one and all for sending in donations year after year. No amount is too small since every dollar counts!

Should our Association ever be dissolved, our money will be transferred to the NH Charitable Foundation to ensure that graduating seniors with familial ties to LHS will be able to benefit from your generous donations.



To make a donation now, just download the Dues/Scholarship Donation Form (PDF), or use the PayPal option below.



If you received our $1,000or$2,000/year scholarship, please remember to follow these instructions each year:

Please send us confirmation of your enrollment from the finance office of your college for the upcoming semester. Along with the confirmation, we will also need the mailing address of your school and your student ID number, if you have one. Once we receive that information, we will forward our check for $1,000 or $2,000 to the college.

In order to receive this award for the full term, you will need to send us confirmation of your enrollment by September 30th of each year, along with the mailing address and your student ID number. It is your responsibility to contact us each year for disbursement.

This scholarship is for a maximum of four (4) consecutive years. If we do not receive your confirmation, or you take a year off, you will forfeit the scholarship. The scholarship expires four (4) years from your graduation.

Our mailing address is: LHS Alumni Association, PO Box 911, Lebanon, NH 03766. OR scan and email to alumni@lebnhalumni.com


Complete your name (ladies, please include your maiden name in case our records are outdated) and graduation year and click on appropriate PayPal button. You do not need a PayPal account, you can use a credit card.

Scholarship Fund Donation
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Beginning in 2021, our major scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $2,000 per year to one graduating student whose parent(s) or grandparent(s) attended Lebanon High School. That student will receive $2,000 each year that he/she attends school for a maximum of 4 years.

We are also pleased to award additional $750 one-time scholarships to each of 4 eligible graduating students in order to aid them in purchasing their textbooks.

This means that in any given year we could be awarding $8,000 worth of scholarships! This could not happen without your generous donations!

The scholarships are announced on Senior Awards night.

Here are the most recent recipients of our Books Awards:

The 2022 recipients: Catherine Cole, who will be attending Connecticut College. Her parents are Eric Cole ’92 and Susan Adams Cole ’93; grandparents are Carl Adams ’35, Patricia Stone Adams ’55; Anna Illsley, who will be attending the University of New England. Her parents are Doug Illsley ’93 and Sarah LeBrun Illsley ’94; grandfather is Steve LeBrun ’75; Lily Sylvestre, who will be attending the University of New England. Her mother is Darcy Bagley ’97; grandparents are David Bagley ’66 and Linda Jeffers Bagley ’69 and Savanna White, who will be attending Southern New Hampshire University. Her parents are Joe Curtis ’98 and Robin White ’97.

The 2021 recipients: Griffin Adams whose father is Douglas Adams from the Class of 1989. Griffin will be attending UNH to study in Biology; Autumn Crowell whose father is Ernest Crowell from the Class of 1999. Autumn will be attending West Virginia University to study Forensic Science; Jacqueline Fredette whose father is Henry Fredette from the class of 1983. Jacqueline will be attending Johnson & Wales University to major in Culinary Pastry Design and Taylor Whitcomb whose father is Timothy Whitcomb from the Class of 1997. Taylor will be attending the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA to study Animation.

The 2020 recipients: Logan Falzarano, son of Tad Falzarano ’84 and C Stacey White Falzarano ’84; Jacob Lique, son of Melissa Kimball Lique ’94 and Todd Lique ’89; Amanda Thibodeau, daughter of Carl Thibodeau ’84 and Kaitlyn Veracka, daughter of April Truman Veracka ’88.

The 2019 recipients: Hope Brown whose grandmother is Sally Archambeault McEwan from the Class of 1967. Hope will be attending Castleton University; Ryan Preston and Zach Preston whose father was Doug Preston from the Class of 1982. Ryan will be attending Keene State University. Zach will be attending Southern NH University; and Libby Stone whose her grandparents are Charles Stone & Sheila Stevens Stone, both from the Class of 1963. Libby will be attending UNH.

The 2018 recipients: Mackenzie Decato whose father Dwayne Decato graduated in 1988. Mackenzie will be attending Colby Sawyer College; Cody French whose mother Christina Pierce French graduated in 1994. Cody will be attending Johnson &Wales University; Anna Rogers whose father Scott Rogers graduated in 1980 and mother Lucille Page graduated in 1983. Anna will be attending Keene State College; and Danielle Pollard whose father Chris Pollard graduated in 1989. Danielle will be attending Marymount Manhattan College.

The 2017 recipients: Kristen Anderson, who will be attending the University of Tampa; Baleigh Clark, who will be attending Plymouth State University; Jessica Deyo, who will be attending River Valley Community College and Tyler Mansfield, who will be attending Curry College.

The 2016 recipients: Brandon Decato, who will be attending Syracuse University; Brooke Falzarano, who will be attending Gordon College; Trevor Mayes, who will be attending University of Vermont and Cameron Perron, who will be attending Colby Sawyer College.

The 2015 recipients: Kevin Cole, who will be attending UNH; Lindsey Merrill, who will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Audrey Smith, who will be attending Colgate University; and Rachael Townsend, who will be attending Southern NH University.

Here are the most recent recipients of the $2,000/4-year scholarship:

The 2022 recipient is Connor Brown, who will be attending Castleton University this fall. His mother is Amy LaCroix ’95; grandparents are Roger LaCroix ’61 and Barbara Edson Hazlett ’69 and Vicki Rogers ’74.

The 2021 recipient was Taylor Whitcomb. His father is Timothy Whitcomb from the Class of 1997. Taylor will be attending the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA to study Animation.

Here are the most recent recipients of the $1,000/4-year scholarship:

The 2020 recipient was Angeleena Davis, daughter of Scott Davis ‘82 and Kim Woodward Davis ‘81.

The 2019 recipient was Clara Cole. Her parents are Eric Cole from the Class of 1992 & Susan Adams Cole from the Class of 1993. Clara has many ties to LHS Alumni going back to her grandfather Carl Adams from the Class of 1935. She will be attending Bryant University.

The 2018 recipient was Kyle King who is attending UNH. His father is Paul King who graduated in 1984.

The 2017 recipient was Carter Adams. He is attending New England College. Carter is the son of Bruce '89 and Gretchen Adams.

The 2016 recipient was Zachary Carrier. He is attending Keene State College.

The 2015 recipient was Samantha Wright. Samantha is the daughter of David Wright '93 and attended Plymouth State University.

The 2014 recipient was Kara Hemenway. She attended Lasell College in Newton, MA. Kara is the daughter of Stephen and Kathy Hemenway.

The 2013 scholarship recipient was Amelia Gilchrist. She attended Community College of Vermont. Her parents are Victoria Bassick and Stephen Gilchrist '81.

The 2012 recipient was Alicia Rydjeski. She attended Siena College in Loudonville, NY. Her parents are Ann Marie Langley Rydjeski '76 and Stan Rydjeski.

The 2011 recipient was Kyle Farr. He attended the University of New Hampshire. His parents are Donna Morris Fillian '84 and John Farr '84.

The 2010 recipient was Katie Minard. She attended Emerson College. Her parents are James Minard '78 and Diane Mitchell Minard '78. She is also the granddaughter of Ted Minard '55 and Jackie Dulac Minard '58.

The 2009 recipient was Jeremy Labombard. He attended the NH Technical College for Fire Science. His parents are Lisa Chamley Labombard '78 and Randy Labombard '77. He is also the grandson of long time LHS Coach Chuck Chamley.

Your support continued is greatly appreciated. Thank you.