What's Happening?


September 10, 2022


Due to anticipated construction on Kimball Street in June, we have changed the parade route for 2023. The floats will still gather in the lower parking lot as always. But this year you will leave the lower parking lot behind Village Pizza, turn left onto Hanover St (up Benton Hill), continue around Colburn Park, then back down Benton Hill and into the lower parking lot behind Village Pizza.

August 26, 2022

The board held a special meeting last night to set the date for Alumni Day next year. We're moving it out one week to June 17, 2023. This will get us past Dartmouth graduation while hopefully keeping it close enough to the end of the school year before families head out for summer vacation. At this point, we've just focused on the parade, but we will be discussing other Alumni events when we begin our regular monthly meetings on Sept 8th. Please consider joining the board. We meet once a month and the meetings average 90 minutes - more or less. We're only a board of 10 and sure could use the help.

September 2021

Beginning on October 14th, our board meetings will be held at the CCBA. Just check with the desk clerk to be directed. We still meet at 5:30 pm the second Thursday of each month. Please consider joining us.

March 2021

SCHOLARSHIP NEWS – beginning this year, our 4-year renewable scholarship will increase from $1,000/year to $2,000/year. Also, our Books Awards, of which there are 4 one-time payments, will increase from $500 to $750. We would not be able to do this without your continuous support and generous donations!

April 2020

Spread the word and follow us on Instagram at: lebanon_alumni_association. Share using the hashtag: #lebraidersalumni

JULY 2019

Thanks to Jim Vanier '70 for bringing us a class ring that had been turned into him at the CCB. It was a girl's ring from 1967 with the initials MED engraved inside. After a little investigation, we were able to determine it belonged to Mary Ellen Dessert Decere. We sent the ring to family members in Meriden and learned that it was being returned to a very happy Mary Ellen!

A nice thank you from Clara Cole '19. Clara was the recipient of our 4 year $1,000 scholarship. She will be attending Bryant University.

A nice thank you from Hope Brown '19. Hope was a recipient of one of our $500 Books Awards for 2019. She will be attending Caselton University.

December 2018

Congratulations to Martha Hamilton Curtis '69 for winning our Scratch Ticket Raffle!

June 8, 2018

And yet another class ring is returned to its owner: board member David Muzzy '69

"The Strangest thing happened to me today . My class ring was returned to me after loosing it some 35 plus years ago . I was on the stage assisting with presentations of the winners of the parade and Dianne (Moodie Grant '69) the board president announces for me at come up front and she presented me with the envelope and ring box and low and behold it was my ring that was purchased 52 years ago . It was sent to the school and with a little detective work Dianne figured out it was mine . I am so grateful but in shock . I am amazed and thank you."

May 2018

Another class ring finds its way back home!

From Kevin Stevens, Class of 1994:

When I was 17 I had a girlfriend who lived in East Corinth that I had given my class ring to. Like most teenage relationships, ours did not work out. However, she never returned the ring and I moved away. Thinking I would never see the ring again, I forgot about it. 25 years later I get a message on fb from a Ms. Jenny Johnson asking me if I had lost a class ring from LHS class of '94? Of course, I said yes and she sent me a picture. Sure enough, it was my class ring. I immediately called my mother, who incidentally said that i would never see the ring again if I gave it to my girlfriend and proceeded to inform her that the ring had been found. We both got a chuckle and I told her the details. I gave Jenny my mailing information and my ring showed up a couple weeks later. I was told that my ring was found about 15 years ago in North Haverhill by her brother who held onto it all this time in hopes of find the rightful owner...mission accomplished!! I am forever grateful to the Johnson family for finding one of my high school memories. I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I enjoy having the ring back.

NEW FOR 2018: Prize money for the top three floats has been increased! Third Place will now receive $100, Second Place will now receive $125 and First Place will now receive $150!

JANUARY 19, 2015

The gym at LMS has been dedicated to long time Athletic Director Linda Preston, Class of 1970!

JANUARY 8, 2015

The gym at LHS has been dedicated to long time Coach Lang Metcalf!

NOVEMBER 12, 2014

The new flag donated to LHS by the American Legion Guyer-Carignan Post 22 has been installed!

OCTOBER 17, 2014

We had a great time working the Snack Shack for the high school's last home football game tonight!

(left to right) Dianne Moodie Grant '69, Linda Jeffers Bagley '69, Rebecca Renault Kidder '84, Susan McBain '72, Lucy Gibson '72, David Muzzy '69 (missing: Susan Couture Desrosiers '72)

Want to pay your dues? Or make a donation?

Check out the Dues/Donations page or visit us in the park on Alumni Day. Dues are only $10/year. Paying each year will ensure your receiving our annual newsletter mailed each March.

Yearbook Wanted

We would love to have a complete set of yearbooks in our possession. We often use them for scanning pictures for our Memory Lane on Alumni Day. The only year we are missing is 1975. If anyone has a spare volume they would like to donate to us, please drop us a note. Thank You!